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We buy houses in Cobb County, specifically fixer uppers, at Sell Mom’s House Fast! Hi, I’m Regina Sitterley. Today, I’m driving around Cobb County looking at houses and making offers. I buy houses that need work. Maybe they have old carpet or pink bathrooms. Perhaps more serious issues like mold or water damage. Regardless, we buy houses in any condition and we make fair offers.

Think about the last time you did any updates or renovations on you house.  How much effort was it?  How long did it take?  Even painting a room requires you to move all of your furniture, cover the flooring, remove the fixtures, stand on ladders, crouch to the ground … the list could go on and on!  The point is – updating a house is not a simple task, even if it’s an “easy” job.

When it comes to selling a loved one’s house, especially in times of transition for that family member, you don’t need to make it harder on yourself.  You take care of your family.  Call us to handle the house.  We buy houses in Cobb County exactly as they sit.  You don’t have to do any repairs, updates or renovations.  We make fair offers, get you free from the burden, and do the work ourselves.

If the house you’re dealing with has dark paneling, orange shag carpet, or pink and black tiles in the bathroom – save yourself months of stress.  Remember that Regina is one of those “We Buy Houses in Cobb County” people. Please give me a call and tell me about your house today!

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