Sell my house to an investor?

Many people know that we buy ANY house in Atlanta, GA.  Since we buy with cash, in a way that seems to be non-traditional, we are happy to offer clarification about the process of working with us.  Check out the video below. One of the most frequently asked questions I hear when working with people who want to sell their house fast is “what’s the main difference between working with you and working with a real estate agent?”


There are three main differences between working with Regina compared to a real estate agent.  My team works with agents every day.  We love their professionalism and gain a lot from their perspectives.  There are times when it is better to sell directly to an investor and times when using an agent is best.


Here are some considerations in determining which scenario is best for the sale of your house:
1. Commission – you can expect to pay an agent about 6% of the sales price of you home when you list it with them.  Working with Regina, there are no commissions to be paid.  The price agreed on up front is the price you get at closing.  When we buy any house in Atlanta GA we will often pay the closing costs as well.
2. Time frame –  If you need a quick closing, or even if you have some time but need the assurance of what date your house will actually be closed on, then you will want to work with Regina.   Agents list the house for you, but have no control over how quickly the transaction will occur.  They are then at the mercy of the buyers and the banks as to the closing date.

We buy ANY house in Atlanta GA

Yes indeed, we buy ANY house in Atlanta GA!


3. Repairs and updates –  Agents will often request that you do the necessary repairs and updates before you list the house.  They are wise to suggest this because today’s buyer is well aware of the details they want to see, even down to the correct finish of the door handles. Regina actually prefers to do the repairs and updates and will buy the house exactly “as-is.” That’s right, we buy any house in Atlanta GA – no matter what the condition is!  You can take what you want from the house and walk away.


If your situation is one that you can wait 3-6 months for the closing, your house is in top-notch condition, and you can afford to pay an agent the commission, then real estate agents are great professionals to work with.  My team can even recommend the best in the area!  My favorite agents are Bryan Vincent and Mike Fitzgerald


You will want Regina to buy your house when you want to know exactly what price you’re getting at closing, want to sell “as-is,” and like the idea of having a transaction that happens in your time frame.  Please contact us today to get an offer within 24 hours!  678-439-9159 .  We always say, “Yes! We buy any house in Atlanta GA!”


Regina Sitterley

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