Another house SOLD for CASH in Cobb County, GA!

Another happy seller in Cobb County, GA!

Another happy seller in Cobb County, GA!







This house in Kennesaw, GA SOLD for CASH in twenty-one days.  That’s only three weeks from start to finish!

The out-of-state homeowner had tenants who did a good amount of damage to the house.  Repairs were a major challenge.  They wondered, “How do we hire and trust a contractor from 1000 miles away?”  Trying to use a “for sale by owner” plan from a distance not ideal.  They interviewed realtors.  Since they could not get top dollar (due to the repairs needed), they did not have the finances to afford paying commissions to a real estate agent.

Because of my experience buying and selling houses in Cobb County I was able to make the homeowners an offer that met their needs quickly.  They are free from mortgage payments in Georgia!  Now they will keep that cash every month.  They didn’t even have to come to Atlanta to sign the paperwork!

It’s my pleasure to talk with homeowners in any situation.  My team specializes in personal service.  We can work fast or in your time frame.  Call us today to get an offer for your house in Atlanta, GA that you need to sell!


Regina Sitterley
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